Slice Dice & Rice: The Instant Death Fighting Game

Fighting games are a staple to many a gamers reservoir of games. The chance to beat our friends into submission is never one to go by unchecked. That said, games with lengthy combos and huge move lists to memorize are in abundance. It’s always painful for me to see my character of choices caught up in a lengthy beat down, as sometimes it feels like they never end. One such example can be seen in a recent Marvel Vs Capcom 3 tournament: where the player decided to check his phone because the combo was rather lengthy in nature.

To combat such games, we have games like Slice Dice & Rice. A game up on Steam’s Greenlight that has no health bars, and can end in an instant if a player is careless. Its’ inspiration comes from Bushido Blade, a gaming title released in 1997. In the game there were no time limits, or health bars, and in which each attack could lead to crippling effects for their opponent. With this idea in mind, we have Slice Dice & Rice, a much slicker looking game with the same unforgiving principle. It’s on gamers to be careful in regards to there moves, as a poorly though out combo can lead to instant decapitation.

For those of you looking for similar unforgiving games look over at Niddhog. A game that was released across a variety of platforms, and wherein each fight was determined by one move. Though the graphics are horrifyingly simple, it’s ton’s of fun to play with your friends and often leads to many shouts of frustration.

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