Fire Emblem Heroes: Not Happy With Your Heroes? Re-Roll Till Satisfied.

Fire Emblem Heroes, Nintendo’s recent mobile game, is being embraced warmly by the community. Many people seem to be downloading the game, as it is free to play, and enjoying Nintendo’s recent rendition to a fan favourite.

Now as your no doubt aware, the mobile game, like all free to play games, never forces players to spend money. It just makes it so you are likely to if you want to play with the characters you like the most. This is hardly underhanded method, as it is a mobile app and we expect as such, but it does cause players to figure out ways to circumvent certain rules within the game. After all, being cheap is the mother of all invention for gamers.

The hot method of the day, that requires patience in abundance, is called rerolling. Players employ this method to get the characters of their choice, as oppose to being stuck with their random summons at the beginning of the game – that often many people don’t like. An online guide details the method: wherein which players must go through the opening mission repeatedly to acquire in game currency, and try their luck again at the random summon.

Determined players are using this method in abundance.

Remember though, these characters are random based: Thus you have to uninstall and reinstall the game if you are not content with your first try through, or the second, and so forth. It really is a luck based draw. Worse yet, there are different quality versions of your favorite characters, ranging from one star to five star. We both know that a real determined gamer won’t accept the one star Marth, they are going for broke and heading for that five.

The method is truly only for the determined: Which mean’s not for me. Short of me getting all the worst characters possible, I’ll take the characters I start with and run with those results in most games. While I’m sure there are some reading this who will likely employ this method, and others that won’t even consider the idea. Either way is fine. As long as we both enjoy Fire Emblem as it was meant to be – as a game where we destroy our foes and barely make it out of the fights alive.

Tell us what you think of peoples determination in the comments below, and what kind of characters you managed to snag on your rolls.

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