Rockband VR: Coming To Oculus Rift

To all Rockband fanatics, the truly masterful who were devoted to the craft, soon you will be able to immerse yourself in its world. The game is being brought this March 23rd to the Oculus Rift accoring to developer Harmonix. As if enough of our childhood wasn’t wasted on Rockband, often chasing the applause of the audience with our friends, now we will be able to look our band mates dead in the eye as we play?

I smell an addiction coming on for some.

The original game, for those who just weren’t around during its hay day, was based on the idea of using a host of different musical instruments hooked into your console and reproducing hit songs throughout the ages. The instruments included a guitar, a drum set, or a speaker, and for higher levels of difficulty needed swift hands and a good memory. That said, playing it with your friends was tons of fun and a good way to waste a rainy evening.rock-band-vr-adi-robertson-1.0

At the moment gamers can buy, for $69.99, a compatible guitar controller on amazon for either the PS4 or Xbox One. Included with this is a digital copy of Rock Band VR – and obviously a bundle of fun for Rock Band fans.

Rock Band VR includes two modes according to Harmonix: Classic Mode, and Performance Mode. In peformance mode, players need not worry about a perfect rendition of a song, instead they have the “the creative freedom of a live concert where no two performances sound exactly the same”. For people who are as forgetful as me, this seems more the way to go – as I could never remember how every song went in game. However for the perfectionist there is always classic mode – wherein which players aim for that perfect performance of the original song.

Tell us what you think of the upcoming Rock Band Game in the comments below, and whether you’ll be grabbing it.

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