Nintendo Switch: Just Keeps Selling Out In Stores

With barely a month between now and it’s release, the Nintendo Switch is a hot anticipated item coming to gamers everywhere. That said, it’s also nearly impossible to grab any of these bad boys unless your moving at near death defying speeds. As we all already know, preorders of the Switch were snapped up near instantaneously upon the consoles initial release. This left on the fence buyers with nothing but remorse as the system became impossible to get, but there were rays of hope for said people in the form of restocking.

Wait, no there wasn’t – not unless you had the reflexes of a young ninja it seems.

According to reports, best buy got in a new shipment of Switches only for them to fall prey to the masses within mere moments. So if you were hoping they might still have one for you to grab, well hope on dear gamer.nintendo-switch-hands-on

How long this trend will continue is unclear as of yet, as the Switches popularity doesn’t seem to be dying down in the slightest. While this normally wouldn’t be seen as a huge issue for a gaming giant, Nintendo has a bit of a track record of not keeping up with user demand, if the complete lack of NES Classics avaliable upon it’s release as well. That said, you might have to hold on for a little bit to get your hand’s on this console if your not quick and if Nintendo just keeps trickling them into the market.

You know what they say though – absences makes the video gamer go nuts.

If you’ve already managed to snag up a pre order for this console – let us know down in the comments section if it was difficult or not.

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