Fire Emblem Heroes: A Brief Explanation.

Another Fire Emblem game has made it’s way to the world this month, and this time it’s on our mobiles. As of last week, the iOS and Android have access to the latest drop from the RPG franchise, called: Fire Emblem Heroes. Though, while the processing power of your everyday phone has undoubtedly become impressive – one can’t help but wonder what to expect from this game as the first port by Nintendo of this nature.

Well first, I feel it’s important to note that during a recent financial meeting, president of Nintendo – Tatsumi Kimishima – stated that the new title is meant to accommodate people with a range of experiences in the world of gaming. Whether they be mobile players or Nintendo 3D’s enthusiasts. He stated that “We developed Fire Emblem Heroes to be a quality title that fans of the series will appreciate and play thoroughly…At the same time, we hope to provide a chance for consumers who have never played Fire Emblem before to experience the appeal of the series.” Meaning that they hope to reach a huge crowd for the game, both old and new gamer alike, and they’ve done that through a variety of ways.


The game functions like any Fire Emblem title: You appear on a small gridded world map, looking down on your players from above, and are able to use the party you have choosen – up to four heroes – to decimate your enemy. This is done through a turn based system that is crucial to understand, as where you and your allies will be upon the enemies turn will often decide if you survive the next round or not against stronger foes.

Also like before, how enemies are defeated – or at least fought easier – is done through a weapons triangle system. That is to say, each specific weapon is easier to beat with another specific type. Swords beat axes, axes beat spears and lances, and spears and lances beat swords.While always possible to beat an enemy that you are naturally weaker against it is important to note that they will have a tactical advantage over you, and might strike your character down very quickly. Luckily, for the more forgetful gamer, the weapon triangle appears in the bottom right corner of your game to remind gamers of their natural foes. Allowing them to make educated decisions.feh-1486424241372_large


Many familiar faces grace the title, ranging from all over the Fire Emblem universe. While many of the game’s characters can be found from more recent titles such as Awakening, you can be sure to find some old fan favorites within. Though admittedly you might have to spend some hard earned cash to get them all.

Permadeth Removal:

A staple of the Fire Emblem universe has always been the permadeath: for those not in the know – that is the permanent death of a character lost in battle. In previous games, short of restarting the game from your last save, if you lost your character during battle – they were gone permanently. It wasn’t until Fire Heroes Awakening where this trait was even tweaked, wherein which they gave gamers a more casual mode of play – meaning that their characters could come back at the end of the fight. However now, all characters return after each round. This likely has more to do with the fact that gamers spend their own cash on acquiring characters within the game, and would likely cause quite a ruckus if they were to lose said characters in a hard fight.

Weapons Don’t Break:

In previous games, you had to be aware of how much longer you had until your weapon expired. As each weapon had a limited amount of uses before it broke in front of you. That said, Fire emblem Heroes doesn’t employ this system at all, meaning players can find their favorite weapon and use it without worry.

Overall the game seems like it will be a fun, and easy, play for those who are just getting into Fire Emblem. Allowing for gamers to relax and play it anywhere, whether on their commute home or sneaking in a few plays during a work shift.

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