• Online Services For The Nintendo Switch: Cheaper Than The Competition

The Nintendo Switch, Nintendo’s upcoming console, will be featuring a paid online service. The cost is negligible though when compared to the competition. Nintendo’s president Tatsumi Kimishima gave us the predicted cost: 2,000 – 3,000 yen per year, which ends up being anywhere between $17.63 to $26.44 for those of you who don’t live in Japan.

This price was given during an interview with Nikkei, an Asian based news publication. As the Switch will be the first system in the Nintendo arsenal to ask for cash for their internet services, as both the Wii and the Wii U offer free services, many people might be disgruntled about the change. However it’s important to note that this is extremely cheap in comparison to both the PS4 and Xbox. A yearly cost for either one of the aforementioned systems will run you around $59.99. That said, it’s hardly a cost that should cause gamers any contention.NintendoSwitch_hardware_Console_05-1

The services offered by the Switch will allow for online multiplayer play, it will also offer at least one free NES or Super NES game per moth to all subscribers. For those of you use to the PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live memberships, it’s worth noting that the games offered by Switch will only be done so monthly – after which you may no longer play the free title and a new one will be made avaliable. It’s hardly a huge issue, given how short many Nintendo games are, but something that people might throw a fit about.

The Nintendo Switch will go global March 3rd, and online services will be free until fall when everything goes lives in the fall.

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