PS4 Getting External Hard Drive Support

In a recent decision, Sony has – thank god – finally decided to add external hard drive support to their systems. Okay, I know, before you say anything I’m well aware that this isn’t riveting news. That stated, to me this is actually quite important, as I’m beyond tired of it this horrible little screen appearing before me every other week.npak7eocbzaiij769g55

The PS4’s initial hard drive space is limited to 500GB’s upon purchase, and quickly fills up as game titles seem to be taking up more and more space as graphics increase and as updates are set out for each game. While admittedly players have always had the ability to open up their PS4 and slot in a more extensive set of hardware, I’ve personally never felt extremely comfortable doing that. Something about opening up my console makes me feel uncomfortable and rather panicky, so the option to just plug in a large external hard drive to supplement my PS4’s space is a much more comfortable idea.

This is especially great for any other gamers like me, as we all know that once the PS4 has hit it’s filled quota – games have to start being deleted and uninstalled. Which brings in the horrible process of re-downloading and installing said games whenever you feel an inkling to dabble your toe in old favourites that had to be removed for your newer purchases. Not to mention, many times to even update current games on your system – you must have a minimum amount of storage available on your PS4, usually in the upper range of 40 GB’s.31846382234_890f288f00_z

There remains no set date for this update, but it is recently entered into beta according to the Sony blog. As a cool little addition to this update, Sony is adding in the ability to bring in custom wallpapers for their PS4’s. Which really just means many people are going to be putting up rather racy things as their backgrounds, but who are we to judge. They are also simplifying notifications and allowing you to watch 3D blue rays on PlayStation VR – as if we need to get that close to the action.

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