The Last Guardian Getting A Price Cut

The Last Guardian, a game that came out this last winter holiday, was a rather short but fun game. That said, it’s original cost of $59.99 was standard despite the short gameplay and was a game worth trying for the emotional journey, if nothing else.

Despite the average price, many people might have refrained from buying the game due to it’s initial cost and short story. Yet – for those gamers, here come’s some good news. The game has gotten a recent price drop, taking the price from $59.99 to $39.99 – a price drop of $20.the last guardian review 6

While it does seem a bit soon for such a price drop, with it only being two months since the games initial release, it remains true. It’s less suprising when you think that unlike many other games on the market currently it has less to offer, whether that be in replability or online play, and thus can be a justified loss in cost.

For those of you reading who haven’t picked up the title yet – go right on. It’s a great game, with an engaging story, and while it has some annoying features with control schematics – as we’ve discussed in our review of the game – it is still worth playing.

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