Overwatch: Keeping Capture The Flag

Capture the Rooster, Overwatch’s version of capture the flag, is here to stay for those who liked it. The mode was introduced during last month’s Chinese New Year event. As we know, most seasonal event’s come and go with the season – making a brief interlude on our gaming lives. However, unlike other seasonal events, Overwatch has decided that this mode is worth keeping this time around.

The mode, according to Jeff Kaplan – Overwatch’s game director – explained in the video below that the mode will stick around in custom game modes. The more exciting part of this lays in the ability to tweak around with the rules of Capture the Flag in the settings. Kaplan states that we have “tons of new options for you to play around with” in the custom mode, this will add to the difficulty of the game, and the fun.

The things you can control range from fiddling with the flag pickup time, making it longer or instantaneous; or even making the flag drop should the player use certain abilities while carrying it.

This more tight control of the map will translate outside of just capture the flag mode. According to Kaplan, more customization will be allowed on all map modes.

Kaplan goes on to state other methods of control that you can exhibit on the map, stating that: “You can now go into payload maps and change payload speed if you think it should be faster or slower….You can change the capture speeds on control points. … In the control mode you can go in and decide what rate capture percentage accrues at. You can decide what heroes you want in the maps.”

Better yet, if there’s a character you hate with a passion, go on and turn off your hated enemy. Kaplan says that “If you think Tracer’s a problem in Escort maps, you can turn her off if you want…”. As if level of control isn’t enough, you can even go “…go into each individual hero’s abilities and turn them on or off and adjust their cooldowns if you want.”

For those who don’t have the patience to make these custom maps, worry not. Blizzard will be adding in the ability to find custom games that suit you and your way of playing into the gaming interface. You will be able to filter out games at your own discretion, being selective until you find one that suits your play style.

It’s really important to note that these custom games will still get you in game experience. That said, loot boxes are always on the table.

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