E3 Open to The Public

The gaming event that most people anticipate all year, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, is finally open to the public. Until recently E3, the place where all gamers wish they could go, was closed to the public at large. Only those who are a part of the industrial world of gaming, or have journalism in their blood, have been allowed into the event. Unfortunately for many of us, the closest we get to being a part of the gaming world is our controllers.

However – the rules seem to have changed recently. For a hefty fee, GameSpot reports that gamers will be allowed into the upcoming event in California. Up to 15,000 people will be given access to the three day event that occurs in June at the Los Angeles Convention Centre.

The fee for the quick footed will be 150$ per ticket, however that will changed after the initial 1,000 tickets make their way onto the market. After which, the price will raise up to $250 a ticket – nearly as much as some of the consoles you’d see at the event. If you’re in the buying mood, you can snag up a ticket here as of Monday, February 13th.

Talk about tough decisions.

Though to be honest, they could probably sell them at 400$ apiece and determined gamers would still be shelling out the cash for this event. Though, I’m not sure if the environment of E3 is what our child like self’s would imagine. After all, the gaming world has become more about the glitz and the glam for the cameras, as oppose to the gaming in and of itself.
Now I guess the only question remains is this: Whose gonna buy the golden ticket.

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