Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Looks Massive

I’ll admit it here and now, nothing about the previous Ghost Recon games has ever interested me. They, as far as my mind was concerned, were just another army game in the sea of black ops, call of duty, and battlefield like monstrosities out on the market. That said, over the years I’ve pretty much ignored their existence steadfastly. However things have changed, and with the death of the couch Co-op game – where it was readily easy to play with my friends in the same room – I find myself trying anything to play a game with my friends.

So Imagine my surprise when Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands looks remotely good – even for just single player fun.

As you can see from the above gameplay, the game itself looks massive in scope. The story, which is set in a fictionalized version of Bolivia, concentrates on a country take over by a drug cartel – and boy are they bloody. That aside, the most interesting part of the game seems to be how far you can go, which at the moment seems endless. Ubisoft themselves states that the game contains the largest open world action adventure game that has ever hit the markets, and considering I can think of a lot of video games – that’s saying something. However the real fun, lies in the fact that you can attack this open world with your friends at any moment.

As a man whose always looking to scream, shout, and cry together with fellow gamers over a mutual experience – nothing is better than a massive game where the skys the limit on the fun you can have together. Check out the gameplay below and see the sheer scope of this world for four player co-op madness:

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