Nintendo Set to Release More Mobile Games In The Years To Come

Nintendo, after its first foray into the mobile gaming world, has decided that they will keep releasing games on mobiles for the years to come. This, while not a shocking move due to the success of Super Mario Run – Nintendo’s recent mobile game, is a powerful decision for the company who has kept it’s titles on Nintendo product devices for so long.

However, money talks, with Nintendo releasing the figures for Super Mario Run – a whopping $53 million from the simple game – the decision can be understood.


Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima reported to Reuters, an international news agency in London, that they will be releasing three to two mobile games a year. It is important to note though, for all you gaming enthusiasts, that Windows phones have been excluded from upcoming gaming lists as of yet. If that will change in the future remains uncertain, but with it belonging to the competition it remains doubtful.

This is a change from their previous predictions, wherein which they predicted they would release up to five apps a year. That said, three is a higher number than the none they have been producing for years. The future for the company and their mobile app success is as yet unclear. Yet with Fire Emblem Heroes dropping this February Nintendo, and the Animal Crossing game predicted to come in April, we will see if Super Mario Run was a one hit wonder for Nintendo or a sign for success to come.

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