Xbox President Phil Spencer Teases The E3 Line Up

The trade show that many gamers anticipate every year, E3, is slowly edging up in our calendars. While we have no idea what exactly might be coming from our big name companies, we do know that we will be sitting in front of our computer screens waiting for any and all news. That said, Phil Spencer – Xbox’s President – has teased gamers about the upcoming event.

Spencer, while responding to a twitter comment asking if he felt good about the upcoming Xbox lineup stated that: “Yes, in another E3 review right now; I like the lineup”. Yet gave no information other than that.

Why do you tease us so dear Microsoft.

Before this post, Spencer also stated that 2017 wouldn’t be a year for another Halo or Gears of War follow up. Instead, it’s expected to be a year with new gaming experiences leading the fore front, which I’m grateful for. You can only play the same game so many times before you feel that it’s getting stale. It’s a good move on Microsoft’s part to space out their best titles if they don’t want gamers getting sick of their most successful titles.

Though fan boys will never die.

With the Scorpio coming out for Xbox this year, we can only wonder what games will be sliding on in with it. So let’s keep our fingers crossed for something worth wild this year gamers.

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