Zelda Clone: Ocean Horn – Coming to The Nintendo Switch

As gamers it happens often enough, when playing an assortment of games, that we can see elements within a game that is influenced by previous games within its genre. On occasion such influences are more heavily felt within the confines of such a game, and in some cases it can feels like you are looking at a wonky version of a game you’ve previously loved.

One such game is Ocean Horn, a game that looks and appears to be any Zelda game reborn.

Ocean Horn: Monster of Uncharted Seas, a game that was released in 2013, is an action adventure game that was developed by Cornfox & Bros. The game focuses on a male protagonist who embarks on a quest to defeat a sea monster and find his lost father. Since it’s initial release, wherein which it was released for the iOS, it has been ported to the Andriod, PC, PS4, and the Xbox One. Now it seems that it’s the Nintendo’s Switches turn.screen1136x1136-138

The games release was teased last year by FDG Entertainment, the games publisher, and now they have confirmed that the Zelda Clone will be making it’s way to the Switch. The tweet goes on to state that it will run “beautifully on the Powerful switch”. While no actual release date for the port has been confirmed we can only assume it’s already deep in the works.


The game was hardly a resounding in success in the gaming sphere, and only made it’s way to our ears much later after it’s launch. That aside, one has to wonder why Nintendo would encourage a game that seems like a cheap spin off on a very popular title of their own. Especially with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild being a highly anticipated launch game already for the Nintendo Switch. While Oceanhorn might prove to be a surprisingly fun game on the Switch, we will wait and reserve judgement on that, one has to wonder if Nintendo really has no other games in the works if they are willing to endorse such a blatant copy of their own hit title.

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