Superhot Is Getting An Update

SUPERHOT, a game that I feel is highly underrated by many of my friends, is a title that should not be overlooked. The whole world’s premise is based on a virtual movie, wherein the action will only take place when the player themselves moves. Admittedly it’s a hard idea to grasp by just reading the words, but if you check out the game play down below you’ll really get a grasp for how fun Superhot can be for gamers.

It’s a controlled game of action movie madness, and is a lot fun for those of us who don’t mind slowly perfecting each level. That said, the game has a pretty big updated in the form of “FOREVER” for the VR.

The FOREVER update brings to us a host of new modes, and for the more hardcore gamer – challenges that will really push how far you can take your gaming skills in Superhot. The update is being built in conjunction with the folks over at Oculus.

A breakdown of the updates or challenges to come, as far as we know, are as follows:

● Race against your best score, in bullet time and real time.
● Only headshots take Out Enemies.
● Complete Game without Shooting
● Faster Enemies and Less Reaction Time
● 10 Minute Run – Finish the Game in 10 minutes.

The update has been slated to release sometime in the upcoming month, but no concrete date has been given as of yet. I’m more upset that it seems to be only for the VR – come on gaming world, no prejudice.

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