Square Enix and Marvel Doing A Team Up
Author: S.A.

Well the oddest thing in the world just occurred, a team up of super powers from across galaxies – and universes that in likely hood I never thought would touch. A mash up of Square Enix and the Marvel universe has come to be announced to us earlier last week. The two giants, of their respective artistic choices, have stated that they will be working together on multiple games for the Marvel universe. The first game that they will be working on is being prompted all around the twitter sphere with the hastag #Reassemble. It appears to be concentrating on the Marvel universe after the explosive events of their Civil War – where hero went against hero in an epic comic story.

The trailer doesn’t tell us much, but it does depicts a variety of discarded gear from heroes that are particularly iconic in the Marvel universe. This ranges from Thor’s hammer, to Iron man’s suit, and even Captain America’s shield. It goes on to confirm the that Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal have also jumped into bed with the games development.

That said, with all these major contenders in the ring for a Marvel game – will they fall short like they did with the last movie or rise to the occasion and give fan’s something to giggle behind their controllers about. The last Marvel movie and Final Fantasy game has me praying that the story line won’t be just discarded for high effects and riveting fights, because as fun as that is – it get’s old real fast.

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