Mass Effect Andromeda 10 Hour Trial Monopolized By EA, Sorry Gamers
Author: S.A.

The publisher of Mass Effect: Andromeda, the latest space odyssey in the Mass Effect franchise, will be releasing a 10 hour trial phase as of March 16.

Joy onto those who actually get to play it.

Unfortunately for gamers everywhere who are fans of the series, the trial is only available to EA access subscribers or Origin Access subscribers. This means if you don’t fall in one of these two categories, you should be prepared to watch game play videos, as you are denied access to space.

EA Access is the publisher`s private subscription service. This isn’t the first time it has offered early access to trials for EA related games. It also tends to give discounts on EA purchases and from time to time give out free games – much like the PS Plus. Two well known titles, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 were just added amongst EA’s free grab bin.

Guess those games didn’t do so great.maxresdefault (1)

As if to add insult to injury, any progress made during the offered trial will port over when the game is fully released on March 21. This is devastating news for those of you who really like to be the first to bang things out. The way it currently stands, I’m sorry to say, you`re going to be really far behind your gaming rivals due to this huge boon.

A vein of hope for players everywhere lies in an unpcoming multiplayer beta, which as of yet has no platforms confirmed or disavowed.

Wish I had better news guys – but sometimes the gaming world can be icy.

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