Overwatch Fixes Roadhog’s Hook In Latest Patch
Author: S.A.

Roadhog, the man with the hook of death, has been the bane of many players existence since Overwatch`s inception. The character could, and would, pull your player through walls or pillars. He cared not that there was no way to logistically grab your player on more than a few occasions. He would grab you and teach you a lesson you were unlikely to forget anytime soon. He was just a force to be reckoned with, and now…now he’s become fair.

Patch 2.0 has evened me and my tracers chances against Roadhog, and I am forever grateful.

In patch notes released by Blizzard, Roadhag’s unlucky victims are now “released if they leave Roadhog’s line of sight before being pulled.” That means in the precious moments before you get yanked to death – you can escape your enemies` clutches. Also, for those who used to worry about being tossed off cliffs by the almighty Roadhog’s ‘swing and fling’ worry no more. Targets are pulled “directly in front of Roadhog” and, if you can survive his onslaught, live to tell the tale.

This is a huge improvement on the previous Roadhog design, as the previous hook was an outright menace. It would hook you through barriers, sometimes players, and even environmental objects. It was like having a heat seeking missile launched at you. Roadhog didn’t need to see you, just know that you were there.ouelwxgouadhrl32sqp1

The Rage in my soul built to a boiling point – and then? Then Blizzard said, “Let the Hook be No more”. To those of you who think I’m just complaining – well I could be, or you could have never dealt with the cold world that is Tracer`s low HP and Roadhog`s ‘grab and goodbye surprise’.

It was a terrifying ordeal.

Now with the recent patch out we can see that the patch notes were indeed true to their mark. Roadhog`s hook is only as good as his line of sight will allow it to be – meaning that if you escape his eyes, you can say goodbye to your untimely death. Better yet – walls, pillars, other players bodies, will actually protect you. As a tracer this is fantastic news, as I’m not above zipping behind a team mate to survive the next volley of fighting.

It’s a new world of scrapping it out for us Overwatch players – I’ll meet you guys online, and we shall go toe to toe with Roadhog finally. Well I won’t, but I’ll zip around and teach him a proper lesson.

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