Halo 5 Has Rainbow Road – Mario Kart’s Favourite Hell

Growing up there was nothing more dangerous than taking on the lanes of Rainbow Road. The map that, no matter who you choose as a player, would have you flying off its edges due to a corner taken to quickly, or a friend giving you that extra nudge into oblivion.
Now, for some inconceivable reason, that danger has now been brought to Halo 5. The map can be grabbed by players at their leisure, and can accommodate up to 10 players per deathly race. Not that I would suggest it – but that’s years of frustration talking. I’m sure as adults were much more capable of handling the turns that make up the lanes of rainbow road.


Here’s an example of gamers going at it on the map, enjoy:

If you end up playing the map yourself let me know how it went, and if you cried a little as you flew off the map.

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