Steam is Getting Mobius Final Fantasy with a Final Fantasy 7 Remake
System: PC

Mobius Final Fantasy, Square Enix’s Mobile game – which is free to play by the way, is making its way to PC this February 6th. After which, and here’s the real exciting part, they will be launching a Final Fantasy 7 promotional event within the game itself.

Admittedly, I care little for Mobius itself, but the idea that Final Fantasy 7 might be getting closer to completion warms my heart.

When the game is released on Steam it will offer a nice little HD upgrade – which is always an improvement to any phone app. It will even go so far as to support 4K gaming according to Naoki Hamaguchi, the project leader. Also in a bit of good news for players who have already started playing on their phones, the game will also allow for players to transfer their pre-exisiting game data from their phone and place it onto their PC version.

The game`s Final Fantasy 7 promotional event will feature models of Cloud, and the Mako Reactor setting, straight from the upcoming PlayStation 4 Project. Which will give us a pretty good feel for how Cloud Strife is going to look in the future hit game. Hamaguchi went out to state that: “Players will join Cloud, Who has gone astray in Palamecia, on his adventures and see how the story unfolds based on his decisions”.

For those of you who want a quick peek at what this will look like, take a gander below. This model of the game has already been released in Japan for quite sometime – as we normally get everything later than our Japanese counter parts.

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