Resident Evil 7 Review
Author: S.A.

Resident Evil 7 has landed on our shelves finally, and it feels….Good – not great, but good.

I blame the boss fights.

The last few games of the Resident Evil series, especially Resident Evil 6, have gradually been withdrawing from what gamers have felt to be the roots of the Resident Evil franchise. I admittedly thought that Capcom had lost it’s mind and was just creating games to make money off of – as many big gaming companies seem to have the tendencies too.

I’m looking at you Activision, with your Black Ops franchise.

That said – Resident Evil 7 is not only good, but definitely heart wrenchingly terrifying. I say this to all the gamers out there – don’t play this game alone or in the dark, there will be moments where you will scream.

Quite loudly.

The series newest entry focuses on Ethan Winters, an everyday man whose somehow gotten caught up in the devilish world of Resident Evil in the pursuit of his missing wife. In his attempt to find her, he comes upon the bayou’s of Louisiana and unfortunately stumbles into the Baker family. A family who kidinaps him, tortures him, and has a penchant for cannibalism.

For those of you who really loved the feel of Raccoon City and Spencers mansion well…It’s back. While not the exact same home, the feel of the game is similar. As you must progress through a horrifyingly creepy house, find resources to survive, and memorize where each hallway leads – as you are not alone in the hallways of the Baker Mansion. That’s right dear readers your being hunted – by an assortment of baddies and the Bakers themselves.

To those of you who have been playing the last few main story line entries into the Resident Evil series, this is not them by any stretch. You won’t be able to fight off hordes of monsters so easily, and you won’t be a one man wrecking crew very often. Rather, the Baker family will often wreck you if you are foolish enough to stand in their path. That said, I suggest you choose option A of any horror movie enthusiasts rule book: Run Like Hell. To those of you who have a particularly good memory this is where memorizing the corridors of the house will come in handy – you’ll know all the best hideouts streaked through out the house to catch a breather and pray for safety.

However, it is important to note that you can fight in this game – I just don’t prefer it over the safest method of ‘get the heck out of there’. You’ll find a host of goodies scattered through the Baker’s house that do sizable damage to the enemies you face. Just make sure to take careful aim – like most Resident Evil games (barring the 6th one), ammo is scarce, and wasting a ton by missing is a surefire way to wind up in a boss fight with nothing but terror in your heart. Granted, after a good fight you’ll usually have time to find ammo. As fighting in this game is rarer than the last few instalments into the franchise, as this game seems to build on your anticipation of what ‘could’ be around the corner – or through a wall in some cases as enemies burst right through sections of the house.

It’s important to point out that the game is played in the first person view, which I kind of hated to be honest. However I understand the idea behind it – build on the terror of gamers. After all, If I can only see what’s in front of me, and even than that’s limited by how bright a room is, whose to say what’s coming up behind me. The perspective makes it so you jump at the littlest provocation, whether that be noises in the house or a creepy shadow down the hall, and are terrified of what might have followed you into a room while your focus shifted for a moment.

So keep in mind gamers – you won’t see that hand grab you before it’s too late.
Now was to why this game loses points with me lays in the things that all games lead toward, and all gamers anticipated.

Boss fights.

Jack_Baker_in-gameI had no idea if what I was doing during any of the Boss fights was correct by any stretch of the imagination. This is particularly annoying as fights leading up to boss fights give you good feedback – you know when you’ve hurt an enemy. In boss fight’s it seemed like that was turned off – your opponent becoming a hulking monstrosity.
It becomes a shoot and pray fight – causing you to waste up a whole host of your ammo with no clear certainty of victory lying at the end of your clip.

Rating: 4/5
It’s a damn scary game – with attention to detail in the house, and graphics, that put most games to shame. The fighting system is what you would expect of a real horror game, a run and gun type of style as oppose to a rambo show down against the monster horde. While boss fights can and will be irksome it’s hardly a reason to not pick up this title and play it with a friend.

I say play it with a friend so you don’t play it alone and get terrified – or maybe that’s just me and my twitch nature.

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