The Hidden Costs of The Nintendo Switch
Author: S.A.

Often people get caught up in the glits and glam of a new video game console, and don’t do enough research into how much actually running the console effectively will cost them. After all, it’s never any fun to just have the bare minimum possible when embarking on a new gaming experience. You must cross your T’s and dot your I’s.

But boy, The Nintendo Switch is going to take your wallet to hell and back. If you add its beginning cost – $299.99, with the rest of the purchases necessary to make it an enjoyable experience it`s sure to cost you a pretty penny. Here’s a short run down of everything you’ll need for the upcoming Nintendo blood sucker:

Extra controllers
Micro SD Card

Let me run you through why you’ll need each item.

Extra Controllers
Price Range: $79.99 for a pair or 49.99 each.nintendo-switch-joy-con

The first accessory many gamers buy for any system is an extra pair of controllers – as the foundation for many fun gaming experiences lies in playing with our friends. That said, the price range for a pair of Nintendo Switch controllers is absurdly large. While it is true that each individual controller can act as its own game pad, you unfortunately need both for multiplayer games like Arms and similar games.

Micro SD Card:
Price Range: $30 – $124 (depending on memory)Best-Switch-SD-Card-750x422

This unfortunately is a non negotiable item for most gamers, as the switch comes with a pitiful amount of memory available to its name. It sports only 32 GBs of internal storage – and with massive titles such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild digital copy taking up at least 13.4 GBs alone, you’re going to need the additional memory to play more than one title without uninstalling others.

Unless you buy a physical copy of the game, but that seems to be a dying trend amongst gamers.

Price Range: $30 to $60

Truthfully we’ve all come to accept the huge costs that video games run us on the regular – or at least I assume so, as we’ve yet to revolt and actually kill game developers. However, for those of you expecting a game to actually come with the system, as many developers seem to do these days, then you will be quite disappointed.

The Switch comes with the sweet promise of nothing.

That said, you must pick up a game and buy it right away for you to enjoy the newest addition to your gaming family.

While that was quite a few purchases right off the bat, it’s time to do some number crunching. For those of you who failed math class, much like myself, the total for everything you need comes to about $469.98…and that was with me going a little light on what memory card you would be buying initially.

So I guess the real question at this point is, for all of those who will be buying the Switch – can you feel how light your wallet suddenly is?

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