The Pedestrian: A funny little Puzzle Platformer using Street Signs
Author: S.A.

Puzzle platformers are always a fun way to burn through the day – as you get to test your wit against the monstrous objective that game developers have placed in front of you. The best part, that some games seem to be lacking, is you actually feel a sense of accomplishment as you make your way through these types of games.

That is to say – some games feel like hack and slash, rinse wash and repeat. Often leading gamers to have unfinished titles in their memory banks with rather bland memories towards the whole experience.

Keeping all that in mind, I ask you to direct your attention down below where a new game that has appeared on Kick Starter is featured.

The Pedestrian, seems like it will offer that feeling of accomplishment through a unique little blend of gaming magic by using objects from our everyday life.



Street signs, caution signs, washroom signs, if it’s a type of sign you’ve seen in real life then you might be seeing it in the game. Players must use these signs, and arrange them in such a way as to progress their funny stick figure man from one frame to the other. If you don’t get what I mean – take a look down below at the trailer:

Something about the simple, yet sleek, look really calls to me. I want to be the one to figure out how to arrange the signs – and I want to do it before you dear reader.

So the gauntlet is set – Now go show some support on the Kick Starter or the Steam Green Light page once you’ve tried the demo and realized it’s actually a pretty fun game.

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