Super Mario Run
Author: S.A.
System: Mobile

Super Mario run represents a first for Nintendo developers, a side scrolling, auto running game meant for the mobile and brought to us for our gaming pleasure. The game, which was released this past Christmas, is surprisingly fun for a mobile app and is the first Mario game run on non-Nintendo software.

This version of Mario asks you to give up direct control over our tiny little plumber, and implores gamers to use their fingers and tap their way over obstacles. As Mario automatically runs from left to right in the game, players must tap their touch screens to clear large obstacles. The longer you touch the screen, the higher the leap Mario will take. That said, much like any side scrolling adventure, gamers must keep dodging enemies, pitfalls, and collect achievements to the best of their ability.mariorun-1401x788-8a64fb50-804e-4301-b072-73e7304181f0

This iteration of Mario is simply rendered, as it is on the mobile, but still pleasant enough to look at. While admittedly an easy game to play, it take’s a certain amount of time to master Mario’s moves. You must learn how to delay his fall’s mid-air, extend your jump just right, or even somersault off of your enemies to reach high places.

What most likely brings people back to the game again and again lies in the special coins that can be found in each run. Each stage containing, much like current Mario games, five special coins that need need to be collected by performing quite a specific set of tricks. Once completed, you can bathe in your victory for only a second before realizing that another harder set of coins have been unlocked – all placed in much harder to reach places.

The game also seems to play on nostalgia – at least in my own opinion. As you traverse through the game you won’t all the new fangled power ups prevalent in new Mario games, or a list of new enemies that weren’t apart of your childhood. Rather it’s Mario making a mad dash through the Mushroom Kingdom to face off against Bowser and Boom Boom repeatedly, as was the story of my young adolescence.

Rating: 3/5

While not a ground breaking game by any means, Super Mario Run proves to be an addictive game once you get going. With the ability to replay levels continuously as a means to properly clear them it’s also a must have for those who have an inner completionist within them. Plus, for the earlier morning train commuter, this is the perfect game to make that trip pass by.

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    • Thanks a lot, as were just starting up I’m never sure I’m reaching folk so its great to see a positive review. Keep coming back and commenting!


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