Storage Space on The Nintendo Switch Stinks
Author: S.A.

Nintendo is once again launching a console rather lacking in internal memory, boasting a pitiful 32 GB memory, the Nintendo Switch is sure going to prove rather frustrating for gamers everywhere. I say that because installing just one game takes up at least half of the available storage space on the newest console – granted The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild looks like a massive game in nature, but the fact that it takes up 13.4 GB of space is rather frustrating.

Not because I expected the game to be smaller, no, in fact only taking up 13.4 GB is rather a miracle considering some of the PS4 or Xbox games out on the market right now – but rather the game will take up just under half of the internal capacity of the console.Nintendo-Switch-Zelda-Cartridge

Granted, there are ways around this little hiccup in game planning, such as buying a hard copy of the game as oppose to the digital version. If one doesn’t like carting around physical copies of their video games, though I’ll admit I’m rather partial to the idea, you can always expand the Nintendo Switches storage with micro SD cards. The issue for this lies in the fact that the biggest SD card on the market holds around 500 GB’s – meaning that you likely won’t be supporting your whole video game library on the console as you pick up more games.

So gamers – be aware that when you pick up the Switch you’ll want to pick up an SD card as well. Admittedly this sucks, given the fact that you are already spending a pretty penny on the console, but it’s better than installing and uninstalling games as frequently as you will have to with the base internal memory. That said, be ready to spend some good money – as SD cards are an expensive buy once your asking for memory of this size.

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