Grand Theft Auto – The Fight Against Trolls
Author: S.A.

Occasionally in our never ending online searches, we come across a story of gaming hilarity and to not share it would be a crime against the gaming community. I came upon one such story earlier this week where in the trolls of Grand Theft Auto got taught a rather annoying lesson by a father who could not abide by their nonsense.

That’s right folks, in the online world of Grand Theft Auto 5 – which over time has become its own metropolis of good and bad gamers alike roaming Los Santos’ streets – there has come a man that we need but don’t deserve. A 42 year old father by the name of Aaron Reynolds has become our hero, and the man who shall fight against the injustices brought onto us by the bandits that roam Los Santos’ online streets.

Aaron has come to describe himself as an individual who is “awful at video games” – yet upon buying his children a PlayStation 4 for Christmas decided that he would dive into GTA’s deep waters.

As you can imagine – he was not happy with the sharks waiting for prey.

One of the first things gamers learn in the GTA madness in their online playbox is that trolls are out there waiting to cause destruction on you and your property. That said, you need to insure all that you own or else all the hard work you put into your property and vehicles will be for naught. Keep that fact in mind – for as Reynolds tried to customize his car inside GTA he found a host of trolls time and time again waiting to destroy any vehicles that people brought into the shop. As frustration mounted Reynolds used the insurance made to help gamers to teach these villains a lesson.

The principle was simple – for under the theft/lost prevention program that GTA provides, any player who destroys another’s car may be hit with a “Bad Sport” penalty, which allows gamers to make a claim against them. A claim that while small, only 1.25 percent of the car’s value, can prove to be quite annoying under the right set of circumstances. With that thought in mind Reynolds engaged in what can only be described as a feat of sheer vengeance – and built an old school muscle car worth $1 million dollars.

The math – which I admittedly had to use a calculator for – makes each claim made against players a sum of about $12,500. While not a huge sum of money for those really working hard in the GTA world it could still prove to be quite annoying. That said – the trolls began to warn other trolls about the muscle car roaming the streets and lightening their wallets. However that was hardly enough to stop this determined individual, for when they stopped attack his first beauty – he just made a second.

The Gurntmobile 2:


As you can see, the war between these two factions only seems to be growing, and I’ll be keeping an eye out for more news about this hysterical fight between Dad Vs Troll. However let us all take our hats off to this determined gamer – for while he may not be the best player around, he is definitely one of the funniest.

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