Dishonored 2 Receiving it’s Second Major Update

Developer, Arcane Studios, has announced through Bethesda’s official site that it shall release it’s second update to the game which includes major changes and allow’s players of the game to further customize their experience. Greatest thing about it is that it shall release Today!

Usually who cares about the latest update/patch to a game However, in the case of Dishonored 2 there’s quite a lot to be excited about. The biggest change coming in the form of customized difficulty settings, allowing you to tailor your experience to exactly how you feel it should be.

Custom difficulties settings comes with more than 20 different sliders to adjust and fine tune to the players delight. These sliders can range from the length of time it takes for sleep darts to take effect to the amount of active enemies that can attack at once. The amount of options given to the player is astounding and even allows players to toggle on an iron man mode in which players will have to deal with perma-death with the inability to manually save or load their game.

I absolutely love the quote from Lead Designer Dinga Bakaba. “You will have to live with the consequences of your actions, or die permanently because of them.”

Fans can also rejoice in being given the option to replay their favorite missions through the addition of a mission select option as well. The hardest of hardcore dishonored fans can learn to perfectly execute missions and fine tune any strategy yet to be tested to their hearts content.

Also, feel that your mission isn’t quite going as planned and that you could do better? Well now players can restart their mission at any time from the pause menu as well as results screen at the end of the mission.

Giving players more choices is never a bad thing and I am happy to see Arcane Studios listening to it’s fanbase to make Dishonored 2 a better game because of it. Would it have been nice to have these changes at launch? Of course however how many times have we seen developers actually follow through on player feedback and give what players truly want from a game post launch. I am glad to see this and hope more games allow players to customize difficulty to their taste. A simple easy, normal, hard setting just doesn’t quite fit in today’s depth and glad to see a developer allowing players to play with such settings to find out what works out best for themselves.

If you wish to see the full patch notes I have posted the link  following article as you can see what other changes were made to the game to polish the experience in Dishonored 2.

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