Persona 5
Author: S.A.
System: PS3, PS4
Release Date: April 4, 2017

Persona 5 is an upcoming game from the developers over at Atlus Studios, bringing the sixth instalment of the Persona series onto the PS3, and PS4. The game was released in Japan in September 2016, and will be further released in North America and Europe in on April 4, 2017.

The game takes place in Tokyo, and follows a silent protagonist after their transfer to a new high school, and the subsequent awakening of his Persona powers. Upon the emergence of his, and other students new powers, he becomes one of the masked avengers called “Phantom Thieves of Hearts”. They go onto explore a supernatural realm called “Palace”, in the attempt to steal ill intent from the hearts of adults. The way they do this is by engaging the monsters within this realm with a manifestation of their psyche, their ‘Persona’s’.persona5All_Out_Attack_P5

Much like its predecessors, Persona 5 is a role playing video game, wherein which the player can engage in a variety of activities that will level up their characters abilities. Ranging from their part-time job, a variety of leisure activities or even crafting items that can be used in other parts of the game. These activities in turn can give you passives stats that will stay in effect during battle.

Another thing the main character can engage in is the development of personal character relationships, which goes toward a stat called “Cooperation”. This allows the protagonist to converse with and improve their current relationship with various characters within the game. Which in turn allows, depending on the current status of their relationships with specific characters, to gain battle boosts or gives you access to different abilities or items.

There are two types of dungeons to explore in the game, story specific dungeons to further the main plot and randomly generated dungeons called ‘Mementos’. Inside the Memento dungeons, the main protagonist engages in side quests for non playable characters (NPCs) and to advance your own characters experience.

When exploring these dungeons, the party is meant to engage in stealth to hide from the various enemies within the realm. While exploring, you will notice an “Alertness Meter” on the side, which in turn connects to the level of security within the building. The higher the meter – the higher the security. Worse yet, once security becomes too high you will be forced to leave the dungeon – so stealth is your best option. The only way to lower the alertness level is by engaging in surprise attacks and eliminating the foes within the palace.

Battle System:

Persona remains turn based, much like the others within the series: all battles will begin upon encountering the enemy, or when launching a surprise attack – which leads to a tactical advantage in battle. During battle, you have access to both short range and long range weaponry, on top of being able to use your psychic powers (Persona’s). These Persona’s are the manifestations of a characters inner mind, and are summoned through the mask each character dons. The Persona’s can use a variety attacks, ranging from physical, to magical, and even elemental. This is done to highlight the fact that each enemy has a specific weakness: that said the players must use a variety of their skills to not only engage but also beat their foes quickly. Finding an enemies weakness is helpful not only for a quick win, but also because it will allow you to knock down your enemies. When you’ve finally knocked all your enemies down, the game initiates a “Hold Up” session. During a hold session, the party can engage in a variety of things: enter into negotiations, an all out attack, or demand money and items.

Negotiations are the players way of gaining a new Shadow over to their party, or in the case of the enemy – the way they may remove a party member from play, permanently.

The game seems like it’s going to be a fun dungeon crawler, so look on the horizon dear gamers – a new Persona is heading your way.

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