Splatoon 2 Trailer
Author: S.A.
System: Nintendo Switch
Release Date: TBA

Splatoon, a game that was met with surprising success despite its rather simplistic gameplay, is coming back for round two on the Nintendo’s newest console: The Nintendo Switch.

The premise for Splatoon 2 remains the same – be the last colour standing.

For those of you new to Splatoon, I’ll flesh out that comment. As you play the addicting team combat game players become characters known as Inklings. These creatures have the ability to shapeshift between two forms; squid form and human form. In human form, Inklings are capable of quite a bit of destruction due to their host of weapons and can shoot ink across the map in their team’s color, which can be used to either “splat” their enemies or claim the surrounding surface area as your team’s “zone”. Players want to try and claim as much land as possible because the team that covers more of the map in their colours is the winner.

So it’s essentially a game of king of the hill, but the whole map is the hill and we`re all graffiti artists.splatoon221280-1484322406992_large

Another good reason to cover the world in your team’s color is the inklings secondary form. In squid form, players can swim through ink of their own color – meaning you can travel up walls, through grates, and under the very feet of your enemies. That said, you can gain a real tactical advantage for letting loose with your ink.

To past players, there are a few new add on’s to the gameplay which include new weapons and local multiplayer matches.

To all players – happy splatting.

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