Pokemon Sun and Moon
Author: S.A.
System: Nintendo 3DS

Yet another instalment into the never ending Pokemon parade arrived in the year 2016, in the form of a Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. The games were the first instalments in the seventh generation of Pokemon games, that’s right folks, seven. For those of you who have been around long enough for the first games of the franchise – you have become rather old much like myself.

Much like any other game of the franchise, the game allows you to take control of a new Pokemon trainer as they make their way through the newest region in the Pokemon world: Alola. The object of this game isn’t just to fight Pokemon battles, but also to stop Team Rock… I mean Team Skull. The no good criminal organization that tampers with the Alola Region.


Sounds oddly familiar.

The two titles bring in a new batch of Pokemon to their universe, 81 new types to be exact. Nintendo has also include new powerful moves, known as Z-Moves, which are powerful special attacks granted to specific Pokemon on your roster. A thing to note, for the more avid Pokemon gamer, is that the Mega Evolution introduced in the last instalment of Pokemon X and Y has been kept.

The gameplay of these titles plays much like any other Pokemon game, but for those of you unaware I’ll more than willingly enlighten you. That said, as a role playing video game, the players adventure is presented in a third person, over head perspective. Players get to use the variety of creatures they capture, Pokemon, to win fights against both their enemies and rivals. The Pokemon gain experience through every battle had, which in turn allows them to level up – much like any role playing game – and in turn increases their battle strength, gives them new skills, and in some cases evolves them. When you find a Pokemon you like in the wild, you can capture them by doing battle and lowering their health until they are weak enough for a Poke ball to capture them.

For those of you unable to find your Pokemon, or in my case just lazy, you can always trade a Pokemon you already possess with your friend to obtain one you really want. This method is also the only way through which you can get all the variety of Pokemon spread throughout both games – so if your a collector, be aware.

That’s all there is to your Pokemon adventure folks – play as you will.

Rating: 3/5
While not a stunning new creation, Pokemon always proves to be a good time waster. Though it’s simplistic in nature, it can always be used as a fun time killer – and there is much satisfaction to be had in seeing your Pokemon grow and evolve. With new 3d graphics to accompany this title, Pokemon has never looked as good. However if your an old time gamer – it might feel like an old story told in a new cover.

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