Horizon Zero Dawn
Author: S.A.
System: PS4
Release date: February 28, 2017

Horizon Zero Dawn continuously throws itself upon the tongues of gamers everywhere, and seems to be filling many with anticipation for an action packed adventure like no other. That said, with the recent end of the Uncharted series for Sony system owners, this game represents a possible future of fun things to come.

The game`s setting is placed in a post-apocalyptic world, where what’s left of humanity has formed into tribal hunter-gatherer societies and nature has long since covered up the tracks of mankind. However, what makes this game interesting is that the wilderness isn’t home to just humans, or even zombies, but rather complex robots that act and resemble wild animals and dinosaurs.

Though no dinosaur I’ve ever heard of could shoot rocket launchers on a whim.3079323-horizonzerodawn_e32016_grazer_1465873571

How this odd set of circumstances came to be is the crux of our adventure, and will be what we try to solve as we maneuver through this unique and dangerous world.

This classic return to a hunter gatherer system – with a futuristic mix – brings with it an old assortment of arsenals with a few new tricks for the everyday human. The primary of which we can see is the bows and rope guns that we have crafted from the fallen remains of robots. On that note, to upgrade your gear further you will have to hunt down and salvage your new found enemies in this primitive wasteland. The trick to winning in this world will lie in your ability to not only hunt your enemies, but also learn their patterns and set up clever traps to capture your prey.

Don’t think that murdering these robo-dionsaurs is your only option though. For those of the more daring nature, you can forcibly override a dinobot’s behaviour so that it becomes a rideable friend. It’s important to experiment with your arsenal in this game, as the effects you will have on the environment and creatures within are a treat to see.

The game itself appears beautifully rendered, and the machines depicted are a true tribute to the human imagination in terms of what we can envision and employ in games. The graphics alone make it a must have for PS4 owners.

That said, I’m sure more information is sure to follow this E3 announcement – the hype train for this game won’t be stopping anytime soon.

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