Inside Review
Author: S.A.
System: PC, Xbox One, PS4

The mechanics of the indie adventure, Inside, relies heavily on fear, intrigue, and heart pounding suspense. That said, beside the initial trailer we have below – we think it’s best if you go into the game a little blind and enjoy the heart pounding suspense that will naturally follow you as you progress through the world. The additional information that we give you below will only ensure that you pick up this title.

Inside is a 2D puzzle platformer, and quite visually stunning despite its rather simplistic settings. Each frame is carefully rendered, from the rain drops to the dust floating in the air, crafting a beautiful yet haunting atmosphere. It very much appears to be a moving painting at times, with bold colouring and strong shading. A picture that we are allowed to interact with, as is witnessed as your character progresses through the world, and you can often hear him breathing hard from his chases and stumbling as he encounters new obstacles. That said, make sure you stop and admire the settings presented to you as you progress – if your not on the run from enemies.

While the game is very short in nature, its campaign running about three hours, you will be continually surprised as to where the game will take you on your journey. During your journey death, your death, will be unavoidable unless you prove to be a video game savant. That said – they do serve a lesson as to broaden your thinking on what can and cannot be done within the world of Inside. Especially given the fact that their are no instructions given within in Inside, just your gaming wits to combat the game as you go – and you will need your wits, or you might be forced to watch the main character dragged off into oblivion by an electronic tentacle.inside-review-6-800x450-c

Thank god for check points.

The controls themselves are simple in nature – simple jump buttons and interactions are used, with your respective systems directional pad to guide you forward. The puzzles within the game are fairly simple, and only involve some quick thinking on your part to solve – though a few times you might be stumped for a minute or two before the metaphorical light switch within your mind goes off. All challenges within the game are displayed in such a way that gamers will be holding on to their controllers tightly, as each event seems to escaped by the smallest of margins.

An important thing to note is that while you may get to the end of the game, don’t feel confused if you don’t quite understand why the protoganist is alone at nights within these spooky woods. As no real explanation seems to be ever given – though much speculation has been thrown about. That said, it doesn’t remove from the enjoyment that is to be had by gamers.

Rating: 4/5

The game is not only beautiful displayed, but also a fun ride throughout. The twist at the end, depending on the ending you get, will have you scratching you head and truly wondering as to its meaning – allowing for much discussion to be had between you and your friends.

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