For Honor
Author: S.A.
System: PC, Xbox One, PS4
Release date: February 14, 2017

Ubisoft Montreal is cooking up a medieval storm with one of its newest projects, For Honor. This new hack and slash beauty has yet to garner itself a release date, but already has me excited for what`s to come. That is to say, it will be a world where I can seemingly express my sword wielding skills with grace and finesse. Where else do you get the chance to do that in this FPS dominated world we now live in?

Within the upcoming title, players have the option of up to three different factions, these factions will determine not only your abilities, but also your weapon selection. The classes are made up of three warring groups, namely The Chosen(Samurai), The Legion(Knights), and The Warborn(Vikings). There will be customization available for all characters, so that you may be able to tell your character apart in the sea of blood you are sure to incur.


Players will have access to only melee weapons, such as axes and swords, so I’d advise any FPS junkies to run for the hills. The game will have competitive multiplayer modes that will allow for up to eight players onto a server, all of whom will be divided evenly between teams. However, don’t think your online foes are the only thing you have to contend with. Upon starting the match A.I. teammates will be spawned and accompany you throughout your dangerous fights. The exact objective of every map has yet to be announced, but I’m betting killing your opponent repeatedly plays a large role in it. That said, when you manage to kill enough enemies consecutively, you may level up and gain additional feats. These feats allow for additional perks such as, additional strength, the ability to call in a hail of arrows or even a catapult attack, and even the ability to heal oneself. These are essentially For Honor’s version of care packages my dear Black Ops players, so your killing may still be rewarded.

The fighting system within the game, known as “Art of Battle” has me bouncing on the edge of my chair. This mode allows for players to enter a ‘dueling’ mode of sorts where players attack each other with their weapon of choice. Players can decide on a variety of things that will determine how they will attack. Things like the positioning of their weapons, whether they come in for an overhead attack, or glancing blows from the left or right to keep your opponent on their toes. How easy this fighting system will be remains to be seen, but it seems as if a careful attack and counter system is truly what it will take to win. That means no more spray and prays for those of us who can only pull out lucky wins. You must be able to understand how your opponent will attack, and attack faster and better, going for weak points in their armour and skills. If that wasn’t enough to encourage a more careful gameplay, let it be known that friendly fire will also be on, and hurting your comrades with your weapon is a very real possibility. So please, swing carefully young warrior.


Going in for the kill has likely never been so rewarding.

I have reserved hopes for this title, but if Ubisoft makes it as fun as the Assassins Creed of old, I’m sure I’ll be screaming high praises for months after its release.

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