Overwatch Review
Author: S.A.
System: PS4, PC, Xbox One

Let’s start this article by saying one thing – buy Overwatch.

The game is one of the best first shooters to come out in ages – and leads to obsession the likes that Counter Strike once inspired in my soul. The game does a variety of things right, ranging from diversity in characters – to fun game modes. However this pales in comparison to Overwatch’s greatest accomplishment, a world of loveable characters.NHKOZOYGDUQQ1463719364199

Each character has their own unique quirk, or turn of phrase, and when engaging in combat it’s always a joy to see your characters interact with not only each other but their enemies as well. The variety of voice acting doing for each character really brings them to life, from Tracer’s hearty laugh, to Junkrat’s crazy cackle, and McCree’s lone wolf call. It all leads to making Overwatch a hearty experience, that leads gamers back to it due to its cartoonish, yet fun play style.

The game style centres on a first person shooter, wherein which you and your squad of six do battle with the opposing team. Players are able to choose one of twenty three characters, each with their own unique set of skills and roles to fill within the team. That said – it’s important for characters to balance their team choices, as a balanced team is what leads to victory. Which I know is a galling choice for some players, as you must play to the advantage of your team as oppose to who your favourite character might be. With that in mind, don’t over specialize gamers, be diverse and capable with a host of characters.

The four character roles include: defensive characters meant to hold choke points from enemies, offensive characters with high speed and attack but super low defence, support character that can either heal or provide buffs and debuffs for their enemies and allies alike, and finally tank characters – that are slow and have a huge amount of armour and health, meant to draw enemy fire away from their teammates. It’s beyond important to know every characters skill trait, so as to be able to change their character class to better counter their opposition.

You can’t rely on any one skill, or weapon in this game. Each character’s own specific weapon set can only be used effectively in certain situations – once outside those boundaries, they can be mowed down like yesterdays trash by a compotent player. My kill to death ratio in the game is a testament to this fact, because often players can give as good as they get.

Every hero has a primary attack or skill that works in combination with two additional skills that can be used at any time throughout your skrimishes. It’s important to note that all of the skills require a brief cooldown process before they can be used again. This is to stop the obvious spamming that would occur due to some of the more over powered abilities – tracers rewind ability comes to mind, as she can rewind time for a brief duration and zip back to a brief position on the map with her health intact.Tracer_portrait

Talk about godly.

On top of that, every character has an “Ultimate”ability that build up over the course of the match. This ability can build up faster or slower depending on how well the player is doing through the match – i.e. kicking some butt means a faster build up toward doom. Once the skill is ready, you can unleash hell at the tap of a button – though it is important for gamers to remember the limits of each special skill, otherwise they will have missed out on prime chance for massive mayhem.

Gamer rewards are handed out in spades to those of us who play to our characters strengths well. At the end of every match characters are rewarded for certain tasks within the match that are met well – this ranges from killing the most players to healing the most players, this is done to give each player a chance to gain a reward despite differences in skill levels.

So be not afraid young noob – well be afraid, just less so.

In truth this allowed me to feel more welcomed into the Overwatch world, as it had been some time since I had played a serious FPS game on my own. Being able to be helpful to the team, and be rewarded for my achievements despite not being the goliath that claimed everyone’s soul was a beyond rewarding experience.

Map types are simple in nature, broken down into three classifications. Assault and Defence – wherein you go banging down the enemies door and claim their land, or try to play goalie and defend the net. Then their is escort – where the opposing team tries to bring in a payload to their objective – and your job is to make their lives miserable until the clock runs to zero. Finally there is Control, where players must play King of the Hill and dominate a certain point until they reach a certain level of percentage completion – done while defending against waves of enemies coming at you in the attempt to plant their flag.

Rating: 5/5

This game is beyond fun for those willing to dive into it’s depths, and the team aspect of it all allows for anyone to join in and feel like they are apart of a unit that works cohesively. The fact that Blizzard doesn’t just reward those who get the most headshots is a balm to an open wound for many rather lack luster FPS shooters – myself included. So cheers Blizzard, I’ll meet you all on the battlefield.

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