Nintendo Switch: Not Looking to Compete
Author: S.A.

Nintendo switch is going the route of many of its predecessors in Nintendo land – keeping it simple in terms of games and hardware. That said, don’t be expecting any new gen ports.nintendoswitch

Despite that small bump, the Switch still remains an item in peoples wish lists (mine as well) despite the company’s hush policy in regards to their newest project. This is reflected in internet searches, where apparently (though unconfirmed) searches for the product were higher in search engines all of last year in comparison to both the Xbox One and the PS4 combined.

The only real question is whether people will love the upcoming project or not – after all the Nintendo Wii U fell on hard times despite its slick layout. It couldn’t compete with either the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4 in any manner, and one can only hope for a better showing this time around.

It was confirmed by at least October that Nintendo switch wouldn’t be swinging for the best graphics award, despite the original rumours surrounding the system. It was in Nintendo’s best interest to announce to the world what its plans were, so as to lessen fan disappointment.nintendoswitch_hardware2

It’s been speculated that the Console won’t be able to play any of the newer generation top hit games, such as Overwatch or Titanfall2 as they are. That said, developers would have to go back and change not only code but performance to port over to this system. With this in mind, it’s unlikely many high level games will be carried over to Nintendo as many developers might not find it worth their time. If that’s the case….what will Nintendo do to make up for this?

Nintendo’s been playing a losing game these last few years but we over at The Save Spot, having grown up on Mario and Zelda, can only hope at its return to glory.

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