Kingdom Hearts 3 Hype Train
Author: S.A.

Ever since Final Fantasy 15 got dropped off at the station, for fans to devour and woo over, the bullet train known as Square Enix has been shooting forward. That train has been heading in one direction, as far as fans are concerned, and that is Kingdom Hearts 3.

Players, myself included, have been waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3 for quite some time. The last real console game for the franchise, not counting all the off shoots of the story, was Kingdom Hearts 2 which was launched March 2006 on the PlayStation 2. At the end of which a secret ending teased the release of one more addition to the franchise – one that has been prolonged with the release of many small additions to the game.

Eight different games have been released since then into the Kingdom Hearts universe, and the only hints toward the game have been trailers released periodically since E3 2013. Since a reported engine change to the system in 2014, most information regarding the game has gone dark. Though the footage of 0.2: Birth By Sleep – A Fragmentary Passage, being released in the most recent Kingdom Hearts game this January, Kingdom Hearts 2.8, seems to showcase how the new engine will run.

That said, fans have nothing but hope now that Final Fantasy 15 is out of the running or so social media has led us to believe:

Square Enix is even going so far as to taunt fans with a reference to Kingdom Hearts within Final Fantasy 15. A cruel barb that only further fuels the hope that has sprouted within fans everywhere.ffxv

We can only hope this is our year Kingdom Hearts fans, because…well I really want this game.

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