Pokemon Prism Released Despite Nintendo Protest
Author: S.A.

Pokemon Prism, a fan made ROM hack for Pokemon Crystal, has been released to the world despite a cease and desist order made by Nintendo.

The game, which has been made over the course of eight years by Koolboyman and his team of dedicated Pokemonites, was originally to be released this Christmas. However right before its release Nintendo dropped a bomb on the developing crew, a cease and desist order.

That didn’t stop the pirates of the gaming universe.


The original game which was ROM hacked, had a host of new experiences. ROM hacking involves changing the read only memory of a software so that the game experience can be customized. The new Pokemon Prism was slotted to involve character customization, original created Pokemon, ability to play as your Pokemon, and completely new regions to explore within the Pokemon Crystal universe.

The game had been showcased on twitch during its earlier phases, and was finally slotted for completion. However with Nintendo’s stop order in affect, Koolboyman was forced to stop production and close down his website – which hosted not only Pokemon Brown, but also a ROM hack for Pokemon Red.


However, magically enough, the files for the game saw light anyway through 4chan. Attached to the file was a read me file that stated that the game was released by a third party only interested in the game`s success. The note goes on to state that these pirates have no connection with the actual development team – as any connection to them after the cease and desist letter could have serious legal ramifications.

The game wasn’t a perfect replica of the originally changed ROM, as certain things had to be changed as to protect the developers from a legal suit – and as the game has spread to the far corners of the internet since its 4chan release, that was a wise decision. The pirates merely added a thank you note at the end of the game to their efforts.

Sorry Nintendo, looks like gamers have guardian angels too.

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